How to create a blog for free and make money?

Hello friends, in this article, I tell you how to create a blog and become a blogger without spending a single is very easy to create a blog and start earning from it, you just must follow these steps.

1 Choose a blogging Platform

The first step is to choose which platform is best to write a blog, there is a wide selection of platforms as,, Wix, and Weebly.
I suggest if you are a beginner and serious about blogging then is best for you.

Google owns this free blogging platform where you can create a free blog and earn money. Before using a blogger site to create a blog you need to have a google account to access your blogger dashboard. If you already have a Google account, then skip this step and go to the blogger’s home page and sign in to your account using your google account.

You can also have your dedicated blog domain while buying a domain, you can either use it with or host it in WordPress, Wix, or any other blog CMS.

But here we will elaborate more about just that is free of cost to get started with your blogging hobby and start earning.  The further steps go as below.

2. Pick a blog title

After finishing the login process a new window will be open like the following screenshot below and there you need to fill in login details. first, you must write the title of the blog then address and conform your display name and click to finish button.

  • Title of your blog
  • Address of your blog
  • Your name which shows on display

After completing the setup process a new window will open and you can be able to see the blogger dashboard. now your blog is live, and you are all set to start blogging.

3. Customize your blog site.

Now you are ready to create a new blog and when you publish this blog it shows normal format. if you want an additional theme in your blog post you need to customize your blog. In, your blog dashboard left panel section you can see the theme and layout section. there you can do all customization stuff just like new template installation, edit, remove, style, font color, background change, and many helps your blog look more attractive. blogger provides you with many themes free of cost if you want to buy any theme depends on your requirement you can buy it.

4. Write and publish blog

    I hope you understand how to customize a blog and how to choose a theme for your blog. now the next and very important part is how to select valuable content for a blog. a great content is the heart and soul of a blog. So before writing a blog choose good subject, title as per your genre and understand what people want to read and share with their friends and also keep in your mind you can make your blog more attractive by adding images, video, font colour, and heading, all those will make your content eye -catching and interesting if you want to become a professional blogger.

Now get ready to write a blog for proper format. after finishing your blog writing choose a suitable title for it and now it’s time to click to publish button and see your blog live.

5. Make money from a blog

After completing all the steps which I mention above now you understand how to create and publish your blog live. Keep this process going on and write a more valuable blogs and publish. This should be regular writing practice, after publishing many good articles you can apply for google AdSense approval and try another advertising platform, and boom you can see your earning account keep hitting the $. Keep in mind to make your blogs earning for you, you need to provide value to your readers trough informative content so that they find it relevant and useful. Earning through blogging is a gradual process which keeps coming in reciprocation of the value of the content you serve to the audience.

You must have a question in mind, how soon? How much money you can earn through a blog?
The unique and value-based content you offer soonest you can start earning, and there is no limit of earning.

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