About Us

SSK Logical

With my 13+ years of digital marketing & IT experience, I aim to write around technology, digital marketing, and other logical topics for those users who generally are concerned about getting a suitable answer.
Most of the blogs and contents included here are based on our personal experience & research, and with those, we are willing to assist our readers to feel more informed before implementing their ideas or taking any decision.
We don’t guarantee success, but we can say our well-thought blogs will definitely help you take the right decision, our blog topics include as below.

  • Digital marketing techniques & strategies.

  • Blogging tips & tools.

  • Technology, web, and app design & development.

  • Search Engine Optimization techniques.

  • PPC and Ad campaign updates, and techniques.

  • Affiliate marketing strategies.

  • Youtube & Youtube optimization

  • Social Media Management techniques & updates

  • Hany tools, Software, subscriptions, etc.

  • Other topics around wealth management, investment, finances, etc.