Will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Future of Digital Marketing in the Year 2023?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in terms of technological advancement. Marketers keep going ahead and have been taking benefit of technological advancement to improve and implement digital marketing strategies & results.

70% of marketers have confirmed that AI has already raised their productivity, and 60% do not avoid AI being a significant feature of their data strategy. In the world of digital marketing, AI is crucial to implement to understand marketers’ niches well and provide an enhanced customer experience.

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1- Introduction of AI- Artificial Intelligence
2- Examples of using AI in digital by popular brands
3- AI Future in digital
4- Will AI change the future of SEO

Governments and business owners are spending a lot on AI technology and will reach $500 billion in the upcoming year- 2023- this is according to IDC research.

Let us have a short introduction to artificial intelligence-

In simple words, artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines. It is basically, a technology making robots think, give a response, and execute the given task like humans. Artificial intelligence helps machines examine data and learn from experience to adjust to new input.

The connection between AI and Digital Marketing

AI is gaining popularity no doubt, it examines the data more accurately for actionable insights. With its smart and useful algorithm, it adds potentiality to various devices. Suitable examples to quote are- virtual assistants, voice search, campaigns targeting with predictive analysis, content, and content marketing optimization, social media monitoring, marketing chatbots, marketing automation, and much more- these are all part of digital marketing, isn’t it?

In the past years, many marketers doubted the use of AI for their marketing strategies. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, IBM, etc., implemented AI and are doing successfully now in their marketing and customer service which finally is attracting small and mid-sized companies to adopt AI as well.

AI uses the relevant data for the visiting websites, shopping behavior, and page times to suggest to the customers the valuable products they are interested in.

Now, we cannot neglect its importance in many digital marketing strategies. The above clearly states a strong relationship between the duos.

Keeping all these in mind, AI will change and boost digital marketing as a more dynamic tool in the upcoming year.

Few best use cases of AI by popular brands.

Netflix used AI for its digital enhancements

Netflix, the world’s leading SVoD streaming platform needs no introduction, as it understands user experience or UX is the inevitable parameter to the ongoing success of any online business, irrespective of any industry, when users have a positive user experience they are most likely to engage & share it with their peers.

To optimize its overall user experience and subscribe to its service to every individual, Netflix deployed AI-driven machine learning technology to offer customized content recommendations based on a user’s preferences about what they’ve engaged in the past. Netflix uses an AI deployment to automatically enhance streaming quality and avoid any buffering or inconvenience issues.

Over 85% of the content being watched on Netflix is now based on individual recommendations, so it more imperative now to understand user intent more accurately & swiftly and AI & machine learning become more crucial.

Over 80% of the shows people watch on Netflix are now based on its personal recommendations platform.

Used Case- Nestle and AI

Nestle optimized its content marketing & communication strategy through NLP.

Global food and beverage conglomerate Nestle used natural language processing technology to test its produce targeted content for different segments of the audience.

 Nestle is also utilizing artificial intelligence to get well and truly understand its customers’ content consumption & engagement signals that result in innovations through virtual assistants and chatbots consistently transforming A major and well-calculated digital shift that could be advanced in positive consumer engagement & sales growth. As a modern food and beverages brand, focusing on consumer retention & attracting new-age customers at scale is important & AI is efficiently playing its role in a digital paradigm shift.

Sharing some points of AI for the future of digital marketing-

  • It is important to understand what a customer wants, and AI here helps marketers to understand the customers. AI allows businesses to target people efficiently with more convincing ads. There are AI tools that work for many ad platforms to optimize targeting, budget, and delivery, for example, Google ads campaigns.
  • Content creation plays a significant role as it always brings the best outcome to the marketers for their overall marketing strategy- it is time taking and challenging process. To get the desired results, nowadays many business owners address AI writing tools. For instance, you can direct a topic and a target keyword to the tool, and you will notice that the tool will generate a complete text in minutes. AI tools know the context and other algorithms you look for, such as word number, writing skills, etc. When you look for content accuracy, AI tools always help you give the best results. AI helps you to write a complete blog ranking higher in search engines, make personalized emails to the clients, and test landing page content to improve better performance.
Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots work out the best in AI technology- they are like virtual assistants and do real-time communication with online users. Marketers love to use chatbots on their websites, emails, social media messengers, and live chat for customer service. It is the greatness of a chatbot that solves problems and understands customers’ behavior and interacts with the clients, all this helps marketers to understand their target audience. Today chatbots work like a human!
  • You can automate many repetitive tasks by using AI algorithms which increases productivity, thus, helping you to save both time and money.
  • With further development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) one can increase the shopping experience. Buyers can try goods before buying and according to their desire customize the products. Both VR and AR tend to raise engagement and improve interaction with customers.

Thankful to AI!

Will artificial intelligence change the future of SEO?

Let us find out in the below-mentioned segments.

No question arises about AI’s impact on SEO, from optimization to link building, AI will change every aspect of SEO. Google always changes its search engine algorithms, and these algorithms are coupled with AI that could make visual content a huge ranking factor in the coming year.

AI is important to analyze data and brings good results to make decisions across different fields- it is for sure that AI technology will govern and order to follow best SEO practices in the coming days.

There are some leading ways in which AI tools have demonstrated their roles such as content creation, SEO keyword research, SEO workflows, and site and traffic growth analysis.

There is an increased amount of interest shown in AI-based SEO by companies in the gone years and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Let us discuss some ways AI is expected to influence SEO in the upcoming years-

  • Quality content creation and analysis – Content is a key part of SEO and holds importance in SEO, google algorithm is a rich source to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand a webpage’s content and match its relevant search query. It indicates the creation of high-quality and relevant content will continue to hold its value in the future as well. Google algorithms are continuously focusing on understanding things more deeply, so it becomes necessary to create more relevant content.
  • SEO keyword research – This is considered one of the crucial factors of SEO, AI tools have made it easier as it always takes time and uninteresting task. AI-based keyword capabilities like SEO Vendors. AI analysis helps anchor management in analyzing anchor text usage, semantic keywords, and keyword variations.
  • SEO workflows – We all know SEO is not an easy task to practice, from keyword research to link building to on-page optimization. There are many SEO tasks that AI-based tools automate, these tools help you to focus on parts of your business. SEO Vendor’s CORE AI technology can build a connection gap for the companies that are falling behind the technology. Jim Liu, managing director at SEO vendor says, “Our core AI technology can analyze websites more efficiently and can hugely improve the accuracy of ranking strategies even with the updates of search engine algorithm. With the use of artificial neural networks, we can learn more than 100 factors to identify the right direction for campaigns.”

AI-based SEO tools that analyze the data and workflows are not popularly known but work out flawlessly!

SEO will be strongly affected by two major factors-

  1. The constant rise of mobile search, and
  2. High demand for the use of AI in the search industry.

Read out for more details-

  • Site and traffic growth analysis – SEO needs to understand a website’s ranking and traffic growth- Google Analytics is a helpful tool for this, on the other hand, it takes time to interpret the data.

AI-based tools such as SEO Vendor’s ‘Eye in the sky and ‘Ranking Analyzer’ can make you aware of the growth of rankings to automate the identification of issues and give remedial measures.


Artificial intelligence is an outstanding technology that works wonderfully for brands. Using the strategies of AI for digital marketing will surely help brands to deliver the best to the customer and market the brands more efficiently.

AI can be beneficial for more advanced marketing analysis modification and enhancement of customer service, and its aspects and capabilities will rise. It will transform every aspect of your business, whether you advertise the products, create a business website, or communicate with your target audience.

Artificial intelligence will indeed leave a mark of positivity in the future!

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