Online Frauds & How to find out if an Online Company is Legit

Online Frauds

Online fraud is an ever-going risk, and it has always been a big challenge to stay safe from frauds or scammers.

Does it happen all to have financial gain? Of course!

Generally, scams and phishing are intended to steal valuable information and misuse it for their benefit.

You might have experienced how online frauds appear- have you ever got a text message or fake email from a fake website or fake number?

It’s quite normal encountering such activities on our email addresses and mobile phone. But those fraudulent acts so tactfully make many of us fall prey.

Recently, I had come across a survey report, carried out by “UK Finance”- a banking trade body- which disclosed an invoicing fraud of £93m in 2018.

You can imagine the huge loss.  There is a recent study about e-commerce fraud that it’s going to reach $200 billion in 2023.

So, online fraud is a huge risk- surely could be a high threat to your hard-earned money.

Well, these facts are enough to compel us to research the legit of a particular company.

Some common research involves-

How to find out if an online company is legit- How can I know if a site is legit or a scam- How do I know if an online store is legitimate- How to know if a website is a real business.

Let’s make this blog helpful & useful by covering these topics to fight against bad actors.

Starting with the term– Online Fraud


In simple words, it refers to fraudulent activity that happens on the internet. It usually happens through online services, such as mobile apps, emails, websites, social media, and much more.

Online fraud could be in any form, like- credit card fraud, illegitimate websites, spam emails, phishing scams, online shopping scam activity, etc.

Sometimes, the consequences turn horrible- one could be a victim of financial or personal info losses.

Today’s work scenario is all about online marketing. So, you probably searchHow to find out if an online company is legit?

Ensure to check the legitimacy before you get engaged with a company.

How can I know if a site is legit or a scam?

How to find out if an online company is legit

Does your mind chatter about this?

You need to find out a few things to answer your chattering mind.

In today’s time, every small, mid, or large enterprise runs a business through a website.

So the very first point, a company or an enterprise must have a website.

Whether you are looking for-

How can I know if a site is legit or a scam? Or

How to find out if an online company is legit and real?

Check the website: Real online companies usually have a professional website design and clear information their founders, products, and services. The website should have a secure connection, which can be indicated by “https” in the URL and a padlock icon in the address bar.

Look for contact information: Check if the company has a physical address, phone number, email address, or contact form. If there is no contact information available or it is difficult to find, it could be a sign of a fake company.

Research the company: Use search engines to look for information about the company, such as reviews or news articles. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection agencies to see if there are any complaints or negative feedback.

Check the company’s social media presence: Legitimate companies usually have an active social media presence with regular posts and engagement with customers. Check if the company’s social media profiles are verified and have a good following.

Verify the company’s credentials: Check if the company is registered with relevant authorities, such as a business registration office or professional associations. You can also check if the company has any certifications or awards.

A company’s website is the best to answer these searches. Follow some simple steps to identify the authenticity of the site-

Are you 100% sure about these searches with no doubts?

Congratulations! You have got the “Legit company”.

Next time, Mr. X comes up to ask, how to find out if an online company is legit- you can serve these crucial points without a second thought.

Again, a common question-How do I know if an online store is legitimate?

How to find out if an online company is legit

A wise buyer checks the legitimacy of the company’s website. Not all are wise- so, refer to the above-given tips and apply your gut you will save yourself from online fraud.

We are in the 21st century- an era of technology- let’s not miss out on downloading McAfee Web Advisor- an ingenious tool to help you shop, surf and protect from malicious sites containing- viruses, phishing scams, and spyware.

Is this online store legitimate?

Make yourself damn sure with certain facts below to determine if an online store is real:

Website design: Legitimate online stores usually invest in a professional website design and have a consistent theme throughout their pages. If the website looks unprofessional, has numerous grammatical errors, or lacks contact information, this could be a sign that the store is not genuine.

Domain name: Check the domain name of the online store. Legitimate online stores usually have a domain name that reflects their brand name, while fake websites may use a similar-sounding name or a domain that is not related to the store’s name. you can also check the domain age and how long the business is in existence.

Security measures: Check if the website has an SSL certificate, which ensures that any information you submit on the website is secure. Look for the “https” in the URL and the lock icon in the address bar of your browser.

Contact information: Check if the website has a physical address, phone number, and email address listed. Legitimate online stores usually provide multiple ways to contact them, while fake websites may lack this information.

Customer reviews: Check for customer reviews on the website, as well as on other independent review sites. If the website has numerous negative reviews or no reviews at all, this could be a sign that the store is not genuine.

Payment methods: Legitimate online stores usually offer multiple payment options, such as credit card, PayPal, or other secure payment methods. If the website only accepts payment through wire transfer or other less secure methods, this could be a red flag.

Overpromising or over-discounting – You may come across offers and discounts that are claimed to be for a limited time and may fall into the trap of fraud, so you need to be extra careful

Additionally –

  • Have you noticed a closed padlock or a locked key in the address bar of a web browser? That is called SSL this is the one signal for your data protection of a legit online store. You can click the padlock to get information- such as, whether a connection is secure, whether a web address belongs to the company, about cookies, these are the symbols of a secured connection.

In case the address bar is red, avoid it- means an unsecured connection.

  • Looking for the physicality of an address makes sense. Online stores always prefer a physical address- you can contact them anytime anywhere. You can relax about the legitimacy of an online store.
  • Do you know what Google does? Its safe browsing technology crawls millions of web addresses to check out unsafe addresses. This technology discovers thousands of websites- more often legitimate sites that have been accessed unauthorized.

You can search those specific sites to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate online store.

Check the site status here-  search specific URLs 

How to find out if an online company is legit

If Google’s safe browsing technology detects unsafe sites, it displays the warnings in a web browser and Google search.

  • I trust Amazon and Flipkart, or other online marketplaces, do you?

I prefer to check the customers’ reviews of these online stores. Reviews always get you an idea about the products and services of an online store, but don’t just reply on reviews.

Even if they don’t keep the promise- you vividly come to know from others’ reviews.

Go to the website & look up the reviews.

  • Your little research on the return policy of an online store might click you, its legitimacy.

A legitimate online store is transparent about its return policy. To check this, you can place an order later, return it & check how it works.

 Still, perplexed?

How do I know if an online store is legitimate?

Ask yourself how smart you are to uncover the legitimacy of anyone! Domain age, right domain details, online reviews, and other above-stated facts check.

How to know if a website is a real business?

Your questions will keep on revolving around the-

How to find out if an online company is legit?

How do I know if an online store is legitimate?

How can I know if a site is legit or a scam?

How to know if a website is a real business?

There is nothing new to answer these queries, the above facts right from the start of this blog are all to make you aware of the legitimacy of a company-online store or real business.

Do you call yourself a” Desperate Seeker” for how to know if a website is a real business?

Why don’t you look up the age of a website domain?

Track the domain of any business website- Check Domain Details

It will assist you with specific pieces of information-

How long the business website has been active?


Where they are located.

Get to know- almost everything!

Some FAQs-

·   What are the most common frauds?

Here is the list of some common scams-
–        Phishing
–        Technical support scam
–        Foreign money exchange scam
–        Emergency scam
–        Bogus debts

·   How do online frauds work?

They ask you to fill the form with personal details and forward the code in the form of OTP which you finally share with them.
In this way, you are left with nothing.

·   How to check if a company is registered in India?

–        Visit MCA website.
–        Go to MCA services in the main menu- click on ‘view company’.
–        Fill in the company’s CIN- complete the captcha- click on ‘submit’.

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